Stress Management

"I help people with chronic conditions to move better without pain"

Firstly lets identify what stress is.Stress, the word is derived from the latin word 'stingere', which means to draw tight. Stress denotes force, pressure, strain, effort, overload, fear, anxiety, weight, etc. Stress is the result of the human inability to adapt to changing

circumstances in their lives.
Stress can be divided into two separate categories:

Constructive and Destructive stress.

Constructive Stress caused by moderate levels of pressure resulting in an increase in health status. Where as destructive is having too little or too much to do resulting in increasing levels of ill health.

Stress Management is a process where one either eliminates or reduces one's destructive stress or change it into constructive stress. For many years there has been a trend to concentrate on the well being of the body and ignore the welling being of the mind and spirit.

Stress Management is the training of the mind using a number of different techniques to reduce stress. Before stress can be dealt with the individual needs to be aware and recognise that it exists.

Strategies to Cope with Stress
Destructive Stress Action
1. Be aware of it

Stress diaries
Hassle List Time Out
2. Reduce the chance of it happening again Time Management
Self Management
3. Change how you see/feel about it      Positive Thinking Balancing Self Talk
4. Change how you react to it. Communication Assertiveness Humour Ignore
5. Reduce its effect on      Exercise

Coping strategies will help to alleviate stress, for more information contact Olive on 07961 188727