Online Personal Training

"I help people with chronic conditions to move better without pain"

Are you a busy person or scared of going to the gym or maybe you are not living close to a gym?

Look no further because Online personal training is designed to meet your health and fitness goals.

How it works

A team of staff who between them have over twenty years experience will answer all calls or emails received. You will be asked a series of questions to help us design the right program for you.

The way to fitness is just few steps away:

Step 1
You will be asked to download, print and complete the Physical Readiness Questionnaire and to sign the declaration form at the end of the questionnaire before you start the regime to help us to design the right program for you.
Click here to download the Physical Readiness Questionnaire.

Step 2
After Completing The Physical Readiness Questionnaire, accepting the terms and conditions and after signing the declaration form, choose the type of membership suitable for you:

£15.00 Monthly membership       £150.00 annual membership
Groups and corporate ring for a quote

Buy the Membership you choose by clicking the appropriate button above.You will be redirected to the Paypal website.

Step 3

After you have paid make sure you have signed the acceptance of terms and conditions and the declaration form and send it together with the completed Questionnaire to the following address: - tel  07961188727
Once the program is designed it will be forwarded to you. You will be given a help line telephone number to ring for all your Enquiries.