Olive Body Care

Olivesbodycare is a business that helps people with chronic illnesses to make the best of their life and to move better without pain and discomfort. I don’t believe anyone should be in pain or have a chronic condition to live with. This why I set up Olivesbodycare to help people with health conditions

"I help people with chronic conditions to move better without pain"

Are you a busy person or scared of going to the gym or maybe you are not living close to a gym? Look no further because Online personal training is designed to meet your health and fitness goals.

How it works

This video shows our 'Chair Based Exercises'

We are a team of staff who between us have over twenty years experience will answer all calls or emails received. We specialise with helping the over 50's who have chronic conditions such as recovering from a heart attack, stroke suvivor, Diabetic, Cancer, COPD and other ailments that comes with age. You will be asked a series of questions to help us design the right program for you.
The way to fitness is just few steps away: